John Kyrle High School's Year 9 and 10 netball teams started their season with resounding victories over Newent this past Thursday. Both teams displayed remarkable skill and determination, leading to landslide wins that set the tone for what promises to be an exciting season.

In the Year 9 match, player of the match Lily Fenlon showcased her abilities with several critical interceptions and consistent scoring. Together with Ava Chambers, who played Goal Shooter, the team clinched a decisive 13-4 win. "What an exciting season of netball we have ahead," commented the coaches, Mrs Mountford and Mrs Dunham-Lees.

The Year 10 team was equally impressive. Player of the match Romerleigh Parker demonstrated excellent attacking and defensive skills, particularly in her role as centre player. Emma Louise Greenman made several goals following her own interceptions in the attacking third. Thanks to the solid defensive work by captain Jess Ruck and Lia Duvenage, Newent failed to score even once. The team walked away with an extraordinary 15-0 victory.

Both teams are eager to maintain their momentum as the season unfolds, and the school community is equally excited to support them in their upcoming matches.