In a heartwarming tribute to a dedicated public servant, Ross-on-Wye's Motley Hog Brewery has created a special beer in honour of former mayor Daniel Lister, known fondly as the "lockdown mayor". Dubbed "The Mayor's Tipple", the brew not only commemorates Lister's unique mayoral term but also contributes to the community he loves, as a portion of the proceeds is donated to the charity he supported during his time in office.

During his tenure, Lister faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic and adapted to the new normal, finding innovative ways to serve the people of Ross-on-Wye. While many of his planned fundraisers were cancelled due to restrictions, Lister's unwavering commitment to the community shone through as he continued to support and inspire the town's youth.

With the help of Motley Hog Brewery's thoughtful gesture, Lister was able to raise an impressive sum of approximately £4,900 for various local charities and youth service groups in Ross-on-Wye. The unique collaboration between the former mayor and the brewery has left a lasting impact on the community, demonstrating the power of unity and perseverance even in the most challenging of times.

Lister expressed his gratitude to all those who supported him during his term, and to Motley Hog Brewery for recognising his efforts and helping to raise funds for a cause close to his heart. His legacy as the "lockdown mayor" will live on through "The Mayor's Tipple" and the contributions made to the youth of Ross-on-Wye.