A warm weekend is on the horizon, with temperatures reaching up to 23 degrees. It's an invitation for residents to embrace the outdoors, whether it's taking a wild swim in the Wye with Angela Jones or exploring local art and culture. The Daffodil Line Team has outlined various activities for residents to take advantage of, reminding everyone, "Don't forget to take the bus!"

Angela Jones advocates for wild swimming in the Wye, stating that the more time spent enjoying the river, the more committed people will be to preserving it for future generations. "We have one of the UK's most beautiful rivers in the Wye," she said, encouraging people to get out and enjoy the natural resource.

For those seeking a lighter adventure, there's no shortage of options. Two new free art exhibitions have opened, and a comedy night is set to take place at the Royal Oak. Film and live music events are happening in Ross and Ledbury. Also on the agenda is the monthly produce market at Hellens and the Ledbury Mop Fair.

The Daffodil Line Team also teased an "interesting new passenger" who will be on the bus starting Saturday. While they didn't reveal more, they encouraged riders to keep their eyes peeled.

If residents can't take public transport this weekend, the Daffodil Line Team is accepting "bus-fare-sized" donations to keep their services running. Donations can be made on their website.

Beyond the weekend's events, the newly opened Ark Cafe in Newent is welcoming humans and dogs alike. Located conveniently near a bus stop, it's a new spot for coffee and cake. Additionally, local growers and makers, like Nell Credland and her unique sheep on May Hill, are celebrated for making the area special.

For a detailed list of what's on, residents can visit the Daffodil Line website. Whatever your plans, the weekend is shaping up to be a lively one for Herefordshire locals.