Local pupils enjoyed taking part in a tree planting event on Friday, February 28 in The Centenary Glade, Kempley. Around 100 wild service trees raised from local seed were planted in a spiral maze by Year 6 students from Picklenash and Redmarley Primary Schools.

The Centenary Glade is the project of local advocates, Dymock Forest Rural Action (DyFRA). The community-based project utilises an area of former softwood plantation that Forestry England restored by coppicing increased light to the woodland floor. Key aims include enhancing the biodiversity by providing suitable conditions for woodland flora and fauna to flourish.

Moths and butterflies include some of the targeted species, particularly the drab looper moth, the yellow Brimstone butterfly, and silver washed Fritillaries, whose caterpillars rely on alder buckthorn and dog violet. These ancient species provide a natural home for rarer sightings of woodcock, raven and goshawk, as well as the star species - the dormouse.

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