A road near Ross-on-Wye is among the 133,000 square metres of Herefordshire’s C and U road network which have been improved as part of the Department for Transport’s £2.558m additional investment for highways.

The C1283 - C1280 in Kingston has been resurfaced and will now receive surface dressing treatment, thanks to further funding. 

The additional investment for highways has meant Herefordshire’s road network, equivalent to 15 times the area of Hereford FC’s Edgar Street pitch, has been improved.

Cllr Barry Durkin, Cabinet Member Roads and Regulatory Services, said: “Feedback we receive as a Local Authority shows the condition of our roads is a huge priority for local residents and organisations. 

“Back in November we announced this additional package of investment to our local C and U roads to improve connectivity and links between our rural communities.

“Patching repairs, followed by surface dressing of the selected roads, at an appropriate time in the life cycle of the road, is considered the most cost effective use of this funding. It prevents further deterioration of roads before more extensive and more expensive repairs are needed, and can extend the life of the road surface by up to ten years”.

“The patching work achieved so far will be bolstered by a programme of surface treatment this financial year to reduce the need for reactive maintenance and promote more efficient and enjoyable journeys.”