Special award for Ross-on-Wye handwriting expert

Thursday 21st November 2019 11:13 am
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Ross resident, Christina Strang was one of the speakers at an online conference held in October for members of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation. She was also presented with the High Form Level Award in recognition of her work.

Christina told the Ross Gazette that this is the first time she has received public recognition for her years of study.

Christina’s work was looking at insecure and secure attachment in relationships. She hypothesised that people with a left slant to their writing could be insecure and avoid attachments. The results of analysing the handwriting she was sent from all over the world did not back up this theory but Christina said she needs to carry out a larger study as most people are taught to write with a right hand slant.

Christina has been studying the analysis of handwriting for many years, she studied with Lorraine Davies, the founding member of the British Institute of Graphology for eight years. Since then she has studied the way writing changes for people affected by Parkinsons. In 2005 she carried out research at Poole Hospital alongside patients with heart disease to see if pre-symptoms could be seen from handwriting.

She is very keen to carry out more research of this type but funding is difficult to obtain and it is very time consuming.

Christina has many testimonials from satisfied clients who are always amazed at just how much information she can deduce from handwriting. Often her work backs up their own thoughts but also offers new insights, and is often used by clients contemplating divorce, or considering job applications.

For more information about the service Christina offers email her on [email protected]

The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation is a non-profit business organisation, chartered and incorporated in California. Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting, indicating the psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics.

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